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The Difficult Conversations bundle is just a few of over 2,000 resources found on the award-winning GoodPractice Toolkit. 

10 top tips before you do anything!

We reveal the most important tips you'll need to have top-of-mind before you even begin the process of having a difficult conversation with a team member.

How to
handle the conversation

Everything you need to know before having a difficult conversation, including advice on how to start the conversation and how to handle different reactions.

Audio interview with Alex Grimsley

We chat to Alex Grimsley, leading expert in the field of
difficult conversations, about the practical steps you can take to develop your confidence and skills.

How to demonstrate active listening

There are five key areas of active listening and we'll go through how to put each one of them into practice.

What you'll get

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A meeting template to get you ready

This template will help you develop a framework for having a difficult conversation. Print it and use it to structure your meeting!

Mixed up emotions exercise

This exercise will help you to reflect on the situation so you can manage your emotions and work towards a positive outcome. 

50% of managers cite having a difficult conversation as the biggest challenge they face in their role. 

So, we've developed the ultimate pack featuring six key resources that will equip you with everything you need to pluck up the courage to have those difficult conversations with ease.

"The Toolkit has helped us move from a training culture to a proactive learning culture. Our staff get the learning they need from a five-minute video or article accessed on their phone, rather than travelling to a full-day training course."


"The GoodPractice content is a real smorgasbord of learning activities, which keeps the learner in a positive state of curiosity and eager to explore more."

- Virgin Money



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Did you know that 34% of people put off having a difficult conversation for at least a month? And 25% for more than a year!

The risk of putting off a difficult conversation can be detrimental, not only to culture and productivity but a whopping 35% cited leaving their job voluntarily because of internal politics and conflict.


Don't assume the need to have a difficult conversation will just go away - it won't.

Just do it! 



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