We asked 500 managers about the most challenging tasks they face at work. We then compared the responses to our previous and external research looking at differences based on gender, seniority and organisational size. 

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In this report we begin with an overview of the most difficult tasks that managers face, then we take a closer look at some key differences in the results by gender, manager seniority and the size of the organisation in which the manager works. 

We then compare these findings with our previous research, as well as external research by McKinsey and Company on this topic. 

To conclude, we provide you with four practical recommendations to help you apply this knowledge to your organisation. 

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When it comes to providing organisational learning resources, there are two perspectives to consider. The first is around ‘future—proofing’, it's about identifying the skills and expertise needed to meet future ambitions. The second is rooted in the here and now. It's providing managers with what they need to to do their jobs well. 

What comes through most strongly from this research is that although L&D is certainly providing tools to help managers face key challenges, these may not go far enough. This research (and, indeed, our other reports on this topic) show that managers consistently find the same things challenging.

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So, what's next?

Hats off to GoodPractice for producing yet another useful and insightful report. This kind of data, around what keeps managers awake at night, is a helpful reminder that managers sometimes struggle with the challenges of leadership. 

Nigel Paine

Coach, mentor, writer,
broadcaster & acclaimed speaker.

Managers are a crucial part of the learning of any organisation.  The latest research from GoodPractice provides a great insight about what does and doesn't make managers tick. This report is indispensable reading for any learning and development professional. 

Donald H Taylor

Chairman, Learning and Performance Institute.



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The Sample

The Analysis

The Findings


500 managers were surveyed from UK companies with more than 250 employees. The sample was profiled to be nationally represented by region. 

We worked with ComRes to gather the data and the results were compared to our previous reports and McKinsey and Company's report, Ascending to the C-Suite findings.

Findings are looked at over time, comparing internal, external and search term data. The report also includes actions to align your learning with the things managers find the most difficult.